[For beginner campers] Basics of how to choose a solo tent

How to choose a tent for solo camping

Solo camping where you can enjoy it by yourself. When you want to fully enjoy your private space while camping, the first item you need is a tent.

However, when choosing a solo tent for the first time,

“What points should we focus on?”
"I don't know what criteria to use when choosing a tent."

"The price is not cheap, so I just want to avoid making mistakes."

There are many people who have such problems.

This time, we will tell beginner campers how to choose a solo tent from the TOKYO CRAFTS perspective.

How to choose ① Choose the design you like◎


No matter what you say, appearance is important! If you choose a design that suits your taste, you will be more excited and will have a more enjoyable camping experience.

Also, since we take care to use it with care, there is a possibility that we can use it for a long time without having to worry about maintenance. You can also avoid the risk of having to clean up and maintain a campsite only once.

To enjoy solo camping even more, it is a good idea to choose your favorite design and shape .

How to choose ② In order to spend a comfortable time, focus on functionality


Functionality is just as important as appearance. No matter how good your tent looks, if it's uncomfortable or difficult to set up, you'll end up having a hard time going camping.

Check out the following three points regarding the functionality of a solo tent.

  • tent material
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • gimmick in detail

TC material is popular due to its excellent light blocking properties and breathability.

Each tent has different characteristics depending on its material.

Among the materials, TC material (a blend of polyester and cotton) is highly functional and is often used . Light-shielding properties that block out the glare at dawn and the sunlight during the day. It is a breathable material that allows for good ventilation inside the tent. Another advantage is that it has excellent flame retardant properties, so even if you light a bonfire near your tent, it won't leave holes.

Although it is somewhat heavy, it has a good reputation for being comfortable inside the tent, and is popular with everyone from camping beginners to advanced campers.

Check whether it is easy to set up and take down.

Set up/tear down

Before purchasing, you should check whether it is easy to set up and take down. In solo camping, you must do everything from assembling (setting up) the tent to cleaning it up (tear down) by yourself.

The tent is mainly

  • one pole tent
  • dome tent
  • two room tent
  • tunnel tent
  • one touch tent

There are 5 types, each with a different level of construction difficulty. For beginners, one-touch tents and one-pole tents are relatively easy to set up .

When choosing a solo tent, choose one that is as easy to set up and take down as possible.

It is convenient to have a tent that can be used all year round.

If you want to enjoy camping all year round, a tent that can be used all year round is convenient as you won't have to replace it .

We recommend a tent with an inner tent made of mesh material and an outer tent with a skirt that can be rolled up. It has good ventilation in the summer and blocks out the outside air in the winter, so you can enjoy camping regardless of the season.

How to choose ③ A tent that is lightweight and can be stored compactly

size and weight

When solo camping, you will be carrying the tent by yourself, so you need to check the storage size and weight as well.

Pay attention not only to the assembled size but also to the storage size.

Camping involves not only tents but also bulky items such as tarps, mats, and tables. Therefore, the more compact the storage size of camping equipment, the easier it is to carry.

If the storage size is compact, you can store other items, making camping more comfortable.

We tend to focus on the assembled size in terms of how comfortable it is to spend time inside the tent, but you should also pay attention to the storage size when choosing .

You should also check the weight when camping solo.

Solo camping is something you can enjoy alone. A tent is recommended because the lighter it is, the easier it is to carry.

If you are auto camping (camping style that allows you to drive in your car), this is not a big concern, but especially in situations such as walking camping or camping touring where you want to keep your luggage as light as possible, it is a good idea to choose a lightweight tent .

[Points to pay attention to when choosing a solo tent]

  • You should choose the tent of your choice in design and shape!
  • We recommend TC material, which has a reputation for light blocking, breathability, and flame retardancy.
  • You want to make sure that the setup and takedown can be done smoothly by one person.
  • A year-round tent can be used regardless of the season.
  • It is a tent that is lightweight and can be stored compactly with excellent portability.

TOKYO CRAFTS' solo tent is a TC tent that does not compromise on everything .
This tent can be used all year round and can be stored compactly enough to be loaded onto a motorcycle.

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