A feeling of satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words.

The ``fun'' and ``comfort'' you get from looking at your beloved outdoor gear.
What TOKYO CRAFTS wants to deliver is not a product at all, but a feeling of satisfaction that is hard to put into words when you hold a product in your hands.

There is nothing that would make us happier or prouder than if the camping equipment we created were not only in Japan, but also in the hands of campers all over the world.

We want to deliver to the world designs created by Japanese people that exude functional beauty.
TOKYO CRAFTS is a camping gear brand that was launched with such thoughts in mind.


I want to be honest and deal with camping equipment.

We, TOKYO CRAFTS, are committed to ``a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words.'' A production project was launched at the end of 2020 based on the concept. After a period of about half a year, we announced our first project, the bonfire stand KUBERU, through crowdfunding, and received a response that exceeded our expectations. The following year, we released the Makrite bonfire stand, which received a far greater response than the previous product, and the following year, we released the brand's first tent, the Diafort TC. Last year, we unveiled Wingfort, an innovative shelter tent that proposed the world's first unique structure.

We believe that 2024 will be a touchstone year for us. We aim to become an outdoor brand that represents not only Japan but also Asia, and we will gather all our strengths and push forward to achieve this goal.

Camping has the power to enrich people's hearts. TOKYO CRAFTS offers ``a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be put into words.'' ” Provided to people who love outdoor activities around the world.

TOKYO CRAFTS Representative Tana

We are currently posting thorough reviews of camping equipment, programs interviewing campers at campgrounds, solo camping videos, etc. on YouTube. We are working hard every day to make the name of TOKYO CRAFTS known not only in Japan but all over the world.


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