Photographer Shingo Inomata talks about the charm of “camping” Feelings by TOKYO CRAFTS

How did I fall in love with camping?
Why do we feel happy when we look at our beloved outdoor gear?

``Feelings'' is a documentary that focuses on the various ``feelings'' of campers, such as the ``fun'' of camping and the ``comfort'' of looking at outdoor equipment, with the theme of ``a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be put into words'', which is the image that TOKYO CRAFTS wants to convey. It's a plan.

The first is Shingo Inomata, who is active as a photographer in the camping industry. We asked him about how he started camping and the style of camping he currently enjoys with his son.

Mr. Inomata's photo

When I was around 25 or 26 years old, I was working as an assistant to a photographer, and my master was running a camp.

In fact, camping at that time was still rare. I was interested because I grew up in the city, so I said, ``Please take me with you.'' When I said that and he took me there, that was the first reason I started camping. The first time I went was to a campsite in Togakushi in Nagano Prefecture, and it was very relaxing and surrounded by nature.

Maybe he was tired. From then on, I fell in love with camping.

I was born and raised in Tokyo, so I thought Tokyo had everything. So, it was at this time that I realized for the first time that there are other luxuries, or rather, ``being in contact with nature is a luxury.''

“I want to be in nature.”

That was camping for me. When I started camping, there weren't many different brands. There were only about 10 major camp manufacturers.

The number of products could be covered by collecting about 10 to 13 catalogs. LOL I used to do a lot of heavy camping, like glamping. It's like gathering 5 or 6 friends and having a meal. Most of the meals were cooked in the forest and eaten together.

My style changed after I got married and had a child. After I went camping with my son.

Since it's just the two of us, we do a lot of things like raising children, camping, and taking photos. Because of this, I started thinking that it might be better to use tools that are as lightweight and compact as possible. Ever since I started going camping with my kids, I've been hooked on lightweight gear.

Most of the camping equipment I use is kitchen tools. I also have a lot of pots and frying pans.

Most things that can be done at home can also be done at the campsite. If I don't do that, I won't be satisfied. lol

When working behind-the-scenes on location for a TV show, having lots of kitchen tools can be a great thing for chefs. I have a particular passion for cooking.

About 7 pieces in a Dutch oven. I have about 10 frying pans, and even if I use regular pots, I have about 7 to 8.

I have so many that I think I'm a businessman. LOL After all, if I think it's good, I'll buy it. The pot I used to make curry today was bought at a flea market when I went to Paris, France.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, when I went overseas, I would go to flea markets and find kitchen tools from that country. Pots, frying pans, cutting boards, etc. I'm buying it.

People often say they're jealous of me because my hobby has become my job, but I think there are some people who take camping more seriously than others.

In my free time, I go camping with my son, and we visit campgrounds all over the country.

Unlike your usual work, you can easily do it with about half the effort. At that time, I took photos of the camp with my camera, and I have already accumulated quite a few photos.

There are many different situations such as snow, autumn leaves, camping at the beach, etc., so magazines and TV stations often ask for photos like stock photos. So I don't think it's possible to go camping completely privately anymore.

Everyone says he's a great dad and I'm looking forward to my son's future. People say that, but to put it simply, what I'm doing is making memories with my son. I never thought about being a good dad. lol

I didn't get along very well with my biological father, and he passed away before we could get along.

And my son was born on my birthday, and I guess it was fate. Because of my father, I myself had a parent-child complex.

I don't have very good memories with my biological father, so I'm going camping with my son to try and recapture those memories. I try to make as many good memories as possible with my son.

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