Homemade gear shines, Masayoshi Ito's "unnegotiable" commitment to camping Theories by TOKYO CRAFTS

Before I got completely hooked on camping, I used to enjoy hot springs. So says Masayoshi Ito, who enjoys enjoying nature with stylish camping gear he made himself. This time, we asked Mr. Ito about his "specialties" when it comes to camping.

On holidays when my wife and I enjoy hot springs, our beloved dog Coco-chan is always at home. Because of this, I once took Coco-chan with me and my family on a camping trip. That's how I started camping.

When I saw Coco-chan running around in the grassland, I thought it would be fun to camp as a family of three during the holidays.

My wife and I don't have children, so we think of our dog as our daughter. The longer you are together, the deeper your love becomes.

What I can't compromise on when camping is special camping gear that doesn't overlap too much with other people. I can't help but have curtains for tents, etc., but I would like to have as much homemade gear as possible.

Handles for tables, lanterns, and firewood tongs. I create it in search of my own originality.

When I first started camping, there was something I wanted: a wooden lantern. There was someone who was making it, but it was written online that they would no longer make it. If so, make it yourself! LOL.

That was about my first year at camp. I bought the wood and made it myself. So far, I have created about 10 pieces of original camping gear.

You've been pursuing gear that's unique to you and doesn't match anyone else's. I'm glad that everyone sees it, but it's not something I want to brag about. When you're camping, you just want to be surrounded by your own gear and enter your own world. lol

The gear is becoming monochrome because it matches the color of the Hiace I drive. The original base was white, but black wheels and carbon parts were included here and there.

When I did a full custom change, everything became black and white. Gradually, we are also stocking tents, gear, tarps, cutting sheets, etc. in monochrome. That started to look cool. lol

In fact, when I first started camping, I often bought white gear because I thought it would make it stand out.

But when I went camping in Doshi Forest. I just happened to encounter the winged ants on the day they were moving... The white stuff turned black. lol

Since then, we have started incorporating black camping gear, and have settled on our current color scheme.

When looking for a campsite for one night or two days, I try to focus on places where check-in is early and check-out is late.

In the summer and fall, I have a kayak, so I go to the lake.

After camping by the lake, I think I'll go to the mountains and see the night view, so I try to keep the atmosphere different.

Lately, I've been addicted to drinking delicious alcohol while camping. It all started when I received a bottle of Chita whiskey at work.

A chilled highball in the summer is delicious. A coworker told me about it, so I tried it while camping, and it was really delicious. lol

Since then, I've become addicted to highballs, and I rely on information from my acquaintances to choose whiskey.

When I first started camping, my style was to "enjoy nature," but now one of the joys of camping is "drinking alcohol while looking at your special gear."

Also, keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter so my wife doesn't want to go camping. Anyway, I hope my wife will be happy.

I'm happy when people say, ``I'm glad you went camping.'' Recently, when my dog ​​goes camping, he feels completely at ease and sleeps peacefully on the chair. lol

Each family member is enjoying camping in their own way.

Seeing them is becoming a fun part of camping.

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