[Notice] Regarding TOKYO CRAFTS Photo Contest


Thank you for your continued patronage of TOKYO CRAFTS products.

This is information about a photo contest that you can easily participate in on Instagram.

Each camper has their own camping style, and the scenery differs depending on the season and location.

What is indispensable to this is having “favorite camping gear”.

Why not capture and share that wonderful moment?

On Instagram with a photo of TOKYO CRAFTS products,

“#tokyocrafts Photo Contest”

Please post with the hashtag.

Prizes will be given to those who submit excellent works.

▼Photo contest details▼

Application conditions : Photos showing TOKYO CRAFTS products (existing products or discontinued products do not matter)
Recruitment period : October 12, 2023 (Thursday) - March 31, 2024 (Sunday)
How to apply : Please apply according to the steps below.

  1. 1. Download the Instagram app to your smartphone or connect from your PC to create an account.
  2. 2.Follow TOKYO CRAFTS Instagram account ( @tokyocrafts_jp )
  3. 3. Take photos that match the theme
  4. 4.Choose your first application photo and post it on Instagram. When posting, please be sure to include the hashtags "#tokyocrafts" and "#tokyocrafts Photo Contest" and include any anecdotes related to the photo. (This will be used as a reference during the review)

important point :

Please note that if any of the following apply, you will not be eligible for application or screening.

  • ・Instagram account is private
  • There is no dedicated hashtag (#) in the post
  • ・If you add a special hashtag to a reply to a post
  • ・In case of posting outside the application period
  • If TOKYO CRAFTS products are not shown in the photo
  • If you are not following the tokyocrafts account (because we will not be able to contact you about the award)

Qualification requirements :

  • Anyone can apply
  • Those who live overseas can apply, but prizes can only be shipped within Japan.
  • You can post as many times as you like during the application period, but only one winner from the same account, same address, or same person is allowed.
  • You will need your own Instagram account to participate.
  • We cannot accept inquiries about how to download the app or create an Instagram account.
  • If our company determines that your submission does not follow the submission theme, your application will be ineligible.

About the post :

  • Before posting, please obtain the consent of everyone in the photo you are applying for. By applying, you will be deemed to have agreed.
  • Even if you are unable to apply due to problems with Instagram or the line, we will not be held responsible in any way.
  • Regardless of whether you win or not, the content of your application will be used for posting on websites and email newsletters operated by our company, on official SNS, and in advertising media published by our company (newspapers, magazines, web advertisements, etc.) We may do so. If you wish to use it, you may use it free of charge without obtaining individual permission from the applicant.

Winning products :

  • Grand Prize (1 person): 3 products of your choice (up to 1 of the same product)
  • Excellence Award (5 people): 1 product of your choice (up to 1 same product)
  • Winners (50 people): 3,000 yen coupon (validity period/minimum usage amount)

Judge : TOKYO CRAFTS Secretariat

Announcement : Around late April 2024

Notes :

  • If there is any unauthorized use of Instagram (such as account spoofing), the application and winnings may be invalidated without prior notice.
  • The contents of this campaign are subject to change without notice due to our company's circumstances.
  • Personal information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy .

For inquiries regarding the photo contest :

*Please write "About the photo contest" in the subject line.

We look forward to receiving many applications from you.

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