TOKYO CRAFTS Points Terms of Use

Article 1 <Definition>

(1) TOKYO CRAFTS point members (hereinafter referred to as ``members'') are those who agree to the ``TOKYO CRAFTS Membership Terms'' (hereinafter referred to as ``these Terms''), refers to a customer who has completed the procedure for registering as a TOKYO CRAFTS Point member on our website that implements the TOKYO CRAFTS Point Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Point Service") as specified by

(2) Point service means that the Company grants points to members when they purchase products eligible for the point service specified by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "Point Eligible Products") on the Company's website. , or services that use points.

Article 2 <Membership Registration>

(1) Membership registration will be completed when you agree to these terms and enter and submit the required registration information according to the prescribed procedures.

(2) Our company may not approve membership registration or cancel approval in the following cases. Our company will not disclose the reason.

  • When there are false statements or deficiencies in the registered information when applying for membership registration.
  • If the member registration applicant has had their use of all or part of the point service suspended or their membership registration canceled in the past due to violation of these Terms, etc.
  • When the applicant for membership registration has already completed membership registration
  • When the member registration applicant does not exist
  • Anti-social forces, etc. (meaning organized crime groups, organized crime group members, right-wing groups, anti-social forces, and other similar persons; the same shall apply hereinafter), or maintain, operate, or maintain anti-social forces, etc. through funding or other means. When the Company determines that there is any interaction or involvement with anti-social forces, etc., such as cooperation or involvement in management.
  • In addition, when the Company determines that the application for membership registration cannot be accepted.

Article 3 <Member benefits>

(1) Members can receive points when making purchases on our website.

(2) The timing for awarding points is as follows.

  • If you purchase a product eligible for points on our website, within 5 business days after the product is shipped from our company.
  • Points are awarded by converting 1% of the usage price (tax included) of the point-eligible product into points.

Article 4 <Point grant targets and restrictions>

(1) In principle, the products eligible for points are our products designated by our company.

(2) Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

(3) Points and coupons cannot be used together.

Article 5 <Processing when returning purchased products>

(1) If you return a purchased product for which points were awarded at the time of purchase, the number of points awarded at the time of purchase will be deducted.

(2) If you return a product purchased using points for all or part of the purchase price, or if you cancel your purchase before receiving the product, the points will be used to purchase the product. The same number of points will be awarded to you when we receive the returned product or when we approve the cancellation of your purchase.

Article 6 <Loss of earned points>

Earned points will expire on the 366th day if they are not re-earned within the 365th day from the last point earned.

Article 7 <Transfer, loan, and inheritance of points>

Points cannot be transferred, lent or inherited to a third party. Points that are transferred, lent, or inherited are invalid.

Article 8 <Prohibited acts>

  • If a member engages in any of the following acts or is likely to engage in such acts, the Company may take measures to revoke membership, and the member consents to this in advance.
    • (1) Acts that violate public order and morals, criminal acts, or other acts that violate laws and regulations.
    • (2) Acts of providing information that is contrary to facts or other information that is contrary to public order and morals to the Company, other members, or third parties.
    • (3) Resale of our products or other acts for profit without our consent (including acts of disassembling, remodeling, or otherwise changing the shape of our products and selling them)
    • (4) Providing benefits and other cooperative acts to anti-social forces, etc.
    • (5) Acts that infringe on the rights, interests, honor, etc. of our company and our affiliated companies.
    • (6) Acts that violate these Terms or are contrary to the purpose and purpose of the point service.
    • (7) Other acts that our company deems inappropriate.
  • The Company may revoke the membership of any member who engages in prohibited acts that fall under the preceding paragraph.

Article 9 <Handling of personal information>

Personal information provided when registering as a member or using point services will be subject to the provisions set forth in the "Personal Information Protection Privacy Policy."

Article 10 <Disclaimer>

The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of point services without prior notice to members for the following reasons. Our company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by service interruption.

  • When repairing or renovating our system.
  • If the service cannot be provided due to fire or power outage.

Article 11 <Changes to Terms>

These Terms may be revised at our convenience.

Article 12 <Effect of these Terms>

These Terms will come into effect from September 15, 2020.