Is it done properly? How to maintain a bonfire stand to make it last longer

A fire pit is camping gear that can last a long time with proper care.

In order to make the bonfire stand you purchase a long-lasting companion, it pays to master the proper care methods.

Basically, all fire pits are maintained in the same way.

This time we will introduce everything from extinguishing a bonfire to how to take care of it.

“Come to think of it, I didn’t take care of the bonfire very well…”

If so, please be sure to read the article.

Fire extinguisher. Take your time and enjoy the bonfire

Photo of a fire extinguished from a bonfire stand

Once the bonfire is over, it's time to clean up and move out.

A successful camper is one who enjoys a bonfire by counting back the evacuation time.

If the firewood is completely burnt and the ash remains, you can take it to the ash bin at the campsite and dispose of it. (Throwing away charcoal is not allowed in some cases.)

If the charcoal has black parts left behind, place it in a fire extinguisher to completely extinguish it. You can reuse it as charcoal on your next camping trip.

Photo of ash disposal at bonfire stand McCrite

When discarding charcoal, please check the rules in your area, as disposal methods vary depending on the municipality.

If the firewood does not burn out completely, you can also put out the fire by filling a bucket with water. It will take some time for it to cool down, so be sure to soak it in water for a sufficient amount of time.

Avoid pouring water directly onto the fire pit while it is still hot, as this may damage the fire pit.

After disposing of the charcoal and ashes...Clean and maintain the bonfire stand

【Things necessary】

・Hand buffs
・Dry towel

*All items are available at 100 yen stores.

Bonfire cleaning tools


①Remove the ash from the fire bed ②If it is very dirty, wash it with water with a sponge
③ Wipe with a dry towel and dry in a well-ventilated place

I will introduce them in order.

①Remove the ash from the fire bed

Remove any ash left on the bonfire stand. You can use a small broom to remove fine ash.

Photo of removing ashes from a bonfire with a broom

Particularly, ash may accumulate in the parts where they are joined, so be careful.

② If it is very dirty, wash it with water using a sponge.

If it is very dirty, wash it lightly with water.

Close-up photo of oil stains on a bonfire stand

Be especially careful to remove any oil stains that may have gotten on the bonfire stand during cooking.

If oil remains, it will accelerate the deterioration of the fire pit.

Choose a soft sponge. The key is to gently remove dirt so as not to damage the bonfire stand.

Photo of removing dirt from a bonfire stand with a sponge

③ Wipe off moisture with a dry towel and dry in a well-ventilated place

Photo of wiping off moisture from a bonfire stand

Finally, wipe off the moisture with a dry towel and dry in a well-ventilated place.

It is recommended to put away large items such as tents while drying.

Photo of drying a bonfire stand

Grow your fire pit with proper care

I was so lazy that I actually neglected to take care of the bonfire stand...

I think there are many people like that.

However, your attachment to camping gear will increase as you take care of it.

In order to use your favorite bonfire stand for a long time, don't forget to take care of it frequently.

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