Is a bonfire reflector really necessary? TOKYO CRAFTS staff tested it at a frigid campsite.

In order to realize the ideal camping and outdoor scene, there are various types of camping gear around a bonfire, including a bonfire stand. One of them is the ``bonfire reflector''. TOKYO CRAFTS released the heat reflector in August last year and received a great response.

There is no doubt that installing a heat reflector will make the site itself look cool, but the tagline is ``Protects the flame and keeps you warm.A heat reflector that brings out the power of the bonfire to the fullest.'' How much credibility does this phrase have? In order to confirm whether or not they have sex, our staff members have personally traveled to the frigid region to conduct tests.

What is a bonfire stand reflector? Explain its role

"Bonfire reflectors" are something we often hear about during the cold winter months.
Reflectors used for camping and outdoor bonfires are said to have two major benefits:

1. It protects you from the wind.

Even if you think, ``There's not much wind today,'' when it comes time to start a fire, you'll be frustrated because it won't light because of the wind. Isn't there a lot of people who have felt that way?

The reflector prevents the wind and allows you to light firewood smoothly.

Also, when cooking over a bonfire, the reflector stabilizes the heat and allows food to be cooked evenly.

2. Reflectors make the surrounding area warmer

If there is no reflector, the flames from the bonfire will escape in all directions, and depending on the location, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by a bonfire at all, or conversely, the flames will be too strong and you will receive heat, making it uneven like the dish mentioned earlier. However, with the reflector, you can feel the heat and warmth of the bonfire more stably due to the reflected heat that bounces back from the reflector.

I tried using a heat reflector to see if it really gets warmer.

Well, we arrived at the campsite.
We chose an extremely cold environment with lots of snow, which was perfect for this test.

Now, I would like to use the TOKYO CRAFTS heat reflector and verify whether it is really effective as a bonfire reflector.

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Bonfire stand Makrite, heat reflector

First of all, here is the outside temperature without anything happening.

-1℃. It's really cold even with heavy equipment including down and gloves...

First of all, we have only a bonfire stand and no reflector.

The temperature rose from -1℃ to 6℃. You can feel a significant change in just the bonfire stand.
However, it's still cold...

Finally, we will install the heat reflector.

The temperature rose to 17℃!

I can feel a considerable amount of warmth as well.
This may be an exaggeration, but it's warm enough that you can even take it off, and the presence or absence of reflectors makes a huge difference.


・Nothing Outside temperature -1℃
・Bonfire stand only Outside temperature 6℃
・With reflector Outside temperature 17℃

Conclusion. The reflector effect is outstanding! Reliable gear for winter camping

As a result of the verification, it was found that there was a considerable temperature difference with and without a reflector.

It is natural for the temperature to drop below 10 degrees Celsius at a campsite in winter. If you don't take precautions against the cold, you may end up having a hard time on a fun camping trip.

It not only has a heating effect, but also serves as a windbreak and a blindfold, so you can enjoy a more private bonfire time. Because of this, I felt that this is a gear that can be used not only in winter but all seasons.

The heat reflector is compact when stored, making it extremely convenient to use.

Please take this opportunity to try it out.