Bushcrafters are particular about the details when choosing gear. - Bushcraft Advisor John Theories by TOKYO CRAFTS

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In 2020, the new coronavirus spread, and we started camping once things calmed down.

I went to stay at a pension in Yamanashi using GOTO Travel, and the barbecue dinner I had outside was really delicious.

A man enjoying bonfire cooking at TOKYO CRAFTS' Diamond Fort and Makrite

I couldn't eat out due to the coronavirus, so I guess that's when I first discovered the joy of eating out.

That made me want to try camping, and by the next month I had already bought the main gear, including a tent, and started camping.

At a recent camping trip, we drank whiskey and watched a bonfire for an evening drink. What I look forward to every time is a bonfire and drinks. These two are absolutely essential.

A man pouring alcohol at camp

What we are particular about when choosing a campsite is a location surrounded by trees that will give you the feeling of being in the forest.

forest campsite

I like untouched nature, or places where I can feel like I'm camping. I currently have two favorite campgrounds that I visit often.

A man enjoying camping at a forest campsite

When it comes to camping gear, is color the most important thing? I'm particular about. I quite like black and khaki, and have been buying and collecting products in these two colors ever since I started camping.

A man setting up a sunset hanger in front of Diamond Fort

When I look back on my memories of camping trips my parents took me to when I was a child, I imagined tents in primary colors like light blue and green. However, when I decided to try it myself, I noticed that there were now more and more curtains in cool colors.

A man looking at the flames of a bonfire at camp

What particularly caught my eye was a tent made mainly of black and khaki. I first bought a tent in muted colors, so naturally the gear I collect is mostly black and khaki.

A man enjoys cooking on a bonfire McCrite

In terms of my particular preferences, I often look for camping gear that matches the year I was born. What I have now is a lantern and a knife. Just because it's my year of birth makes me feel attached to gear, so I always bring it with me when I go camping.

outdoor knife for camping

Gear made in the year I was born is my original. It's something more special than an ordinary tool. I like being able to feel that kind of feeling.

Outdoor knife of birth year

I'm also always particular about choosing gear that I don't want to overlap with other people. lol

For example, even if you are selling a regular kettle, you might want to pay attention to products that are painted black. When I find camping gear I've never seen before on an auction site, I often end up buying it without hesitation. lol

YETI cooler box and TOKYO CRAFTS brass Sierra cup

The chair I'm currently sitting on wasn't originally this color, but I painted the armrests and frame black. This is my favorite gear and I've been using it ever since I started camping.

John's special outdoor chair

Originally, my camping style was to bring a lot of gear, but once I went camping with a hammock and a tarp.

The idea of ​​how to live with light equipment and limited tools was really fun and left a lasting impression on me.

Cooking over a bonfire on the bonfire stand Makrite

In the ultimate sense, it's like having only a knife in nature. I thought I would like to learn the wisdom of living in such a situation.

A man collecting firewood

At that time, there happened to be a bushcraft training session and I attended, which is how I started bushcrafting.

Although he does bushcraft, he is still an amateur at rope work and knife handling. There are many things that I don't understand at all.

But now I'm really enjoying learning and being able to do more and more things one by one.

A man trying to light firewood

I haven't had a hobby in over 30 years, so camping is the first time I've found something I'm so passionate about. lol

I'm surprised myself.

I like teaching people things, and my job has given me the opportunity to take on such challenges.

I would like many people to eventually learn about camping and bushcraft, which I enjoy doing. If I could become an instructor, I would like to be in a position where I can use my qualifications to teach.

My dream is to go back to my hometown of Aomori and build a campsite on my grandfather's mountain.

I think it would be a very happy way of life if I could create an opportunity to teach people about the joy of camping while managing a campground.

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・Performer: Mr. John・Location: Minami Alps Sankeien Auto Campground

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