The grip position was the focus.

Our goal was to create a knife that is comfortable, smooth and tough to use.

DELTA TALON 開発者たちの物語

The problem with using a normal knife when cooking is that your hand will hit the cutting board or table, meaning you can only use the tip of the blade.

We thoroughly reconsidered the functions needed for camping, such as being able to cut food without stress and for starting kindling and batoning, and aimed to create a knife that is equipped with all the functions that are truly needed.

DELTA TALON 開発者たちの物語

Knife development background

At the beginning of development, we were using a knife that could do everything, and although it was certainly usable, we had doubts as to whether it was really suitable for the current camping scene.

I am working on the design with the mindset of creating a knife that is usable, but somehow difficult to use, and by thoroughly reexamining the elements of the knife from scratch to find out what makes it so difficult.

initial sketch

I came up with various hypotheses and thought about the shape and structure that a knife would need in a camping scene, taking into consideration the way it hammers firewood, the shape of the blade, and various other aspects.

Until this shape is created

In addition to sketching, I also created a simple model and verified in 3D what areas could be improved to make a knife that I was satisfied with.

As we verified this, we realized that the grip position might be the cause of the stress, so we came up with several ideas for height, thickness, and shape, and decided that the problem could be solved by raising the grip position. ” I thought.

We investigated how to adjust various blade shapes, handle shapes, and sizes to make cutting easier and stress-free.

We make a lot of prototypes until we reach the final form. In addition to the shape of the blade, I realized that the position of the grip is also very important, so I developed various shapes by considering angles that would prevent my hands from touching the cutting board and angles that would not be inconvenient when doing batoning. I did it.

A grip that suits your purpose

Not only does it prevent your hands from hitting the cutting board, but it also has functions that allow you to enjoy camping even more with features such as feather sticks, batoning, and fire starters.

It also has a two-stage grip, which allows you to change the way you grip it depending on the purpose, such as work that requires force or detailed work.

Blade shape

The shape of the blade is slightly curved like a kitchen knife to make it easier to cut vegetables, meat, and other ingredients.

A regular knife is straight when placed on a cutting board, making it difficult to move, which can be stressful when cutting food, so we created a blade with an exquisite curve to make it easier to cut.

With a normal knife, the hilt or hand gets in the way, so you mainly cut by pulling it, but with the Delta Talone, you can also cut by pushing from above like a kitchen knife.

The tip of the blade has a secondary bevel to prevent the blade from spilling. Even if the blade spills, the tip can be quickly resharpened for easy maintenance, so you can use it for a long time.

shape and material

Anyway, it's hard and maintenance free. We chose materials that would be fun to carry around.

The handle part uses a military spec grip called G10, and is made of durable and non-slip material.

The blade part is made of SUS440C with a black wash finish to make scratches and fingerprints less noticeable. Moreover, it has been summarized in a monochrome worldview typical of TOKYO CRAFTS.

As part of the product name "Delta", the shape is triangular. In fact, this part of the design was created with a sense of unity as a brand in mind by being conscious of the triangular shape used in products such as Makrite and Diafort.

The initial idea for the sheath was considering ABS or Kydex sheaths.

However, what I really want you to experience is the knife itself. The sheath has a design that can only be achieved by sewing, while still keeping costs down.

Many of the existing sheaths are integrated with the belt loop, but considering the demand for not using the belt loop, we have created a removable structure. (Final right) Compact and smart to carry when you don't need a belt loop.

The shape we arrived at

The final shape was arrived at after many iterations of prototypes and sample studies. That is a knife with a 3.5mm full tang structure. Battoning can also be performed stably.

The tip of the blade is slightly straight. For foods with strong fibers such as meat, you can use the tip of the blade to cut them.

The back of the knife is designed with an acute angle. It can be used as a fire starter to ignite.

The handle has a two-stage grip. When making feather sticks, you can grip the front of the handle and work easily depending on the purpose.

This two-stage grip has a C-shaped grip, which prevents pain and fatigue even when working for long periods of time.

A knife that has been condensed based on various needs and requests.

We aimed to create an item that would be a great companion when camping, and most importantly, would make camping even more fun.

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