Float case TOKYO CRAFTS' commitment

A convenient organizer for storing solo camping gear .

However, have you ever found the small gear you want to use scattered in front of you and have a hard time finding it?

The biggest appeal of the "Float Case" organizer developed by TOKYO CRAFTS is that it allows you to keep your favorite tools neatly and neatly on hand, whether in front of a bonfire or before bed.

A photo of the float case viewed from directly above

Ingenuity is scattered throughout to make it easy to store and organize your gear.

■ Differences from general organizers/Key points

The difference between this float case and general organizers is that it has a "metal frame".

float case metal frame

The included frame serves as legs to prevent the case body from touching the ground directly.

A photo of the float case placed directly

It's like a solo table with neatly arranged accessories.

By using the frame, you can easily place it on the ground of a campsite that gets wet from the rain, so you don't have to worry about the road condition.

The opening is large, allowing gear to be stored on both sides. The storage locations are clear and easy to understand, so you don't get confused when looking for what is stored where.

There is plenty of room to arrange camping gear accessories to your liking, such as gear around the bonfire or things you use while sleeping.

Photo of the float case when it is stored

The size of the float case when stored is 27 x 16 x 7.5 cm. Although the case itself is compact, we have made sure that it can accommodate as much camping gear as possible. Examples of storage are as follows.

fire blowing stick
metal match
leather gloves
4 seasoning cases
alcohol stove fuel bottle
3 LED lanterns
gas torch
folding knife
bonfire fork

List of gear that can be stored in a float case

It is designed to store gear up to approximately 25cm in length.

You don't have to use all the storage space. Keep your pockets and spice cases hidden out of sight when you don't need them. You can do anything.

Photo of storage inside the float case

Where do you store your favorite gear?

What should I store?

We hope you enjoy the feeling of carefully considering what to store and what to bring, and fitting your camping gear like a puzzle.

Of course, protect your precious camping gear. There's nothing wrong with that. A cushioning core material is used on the top and bottom.

Photos on both sides of the float photo

It not only maintains the stability of the case itself, but also serves as a cushion to protect your precious gear.

A MOLLE system is placed on the back of the float case.

Photo of the back of the float case

The MOLLE system stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, and was originally a personal equipment system used by the U.S. military.

This float case is expandable so that it can be attached to various tools.

For example, it is possible to attach a float case to the webbing loop of the TOKYO CRAFTS "UT Cot".

How to utilize the float case mall system

Depending on your ideas, you can also devise ways to attach it to your own tools wherever you like.

A D-ring is attached to the top, so you can hang it from a hook or carabiner and use it as a hanging pouch, giving it a playful touch.

Photo of float case hanging on gear rack

Always have your favorite gear close by. We hope you enjoy storing your new gear in a float case.